Large grayling in roadless high mountain scenery!


A JOURNEY ALWAYS BEGINS with a dream, and Anglerman aims to fulfill it for you!
Human nature influence over the globe has led to places with good opportunities to catch
big Grayling and Trout on a fly becoming fewer and fewer.
This trip goes to just one of those places.
A fly fishing adventure for 4 days along with your or new fishing friends with unique
opportunities to catch grayling and trout in magnificent natural stops for most people in a
dream. Anglerman now gives you the opportunity to realize the dream of our exclusive “ all
inclusive” trip to northern Dalarna in the middle of Sweden in one of the remotest parts
of the high mountain areas. A fishing adventure with full service from our guides with the
highest quality from start to finish.
Day 1
08:00 Departure by the guide transport from central Älvdalen to a place in the mountains,
the car no longer takes us. Here we load our luggage on our backpacks and walk out into the
wilderness. Forward lunch we reach the goal of the trek, our simple fishing hut that will be
our camp for the coming fishing days. Here we meet up with our second guide and together
we help you to install and inform about the upcoming fishing. We also cook a locally
embossed lunch served in grand environment.
After lunch the cravings to start fishing has reached breaking point and our first fishing
expedition in the nearby water begins. The bright evenings and nights allow you to fish
around the clock if you like.
Dinner is served by the guides at the agreed time. The guides assist you trough out the day
with choice of flies, reading the water and technique tips in different situations.


Day 2
The guides and nature welcome you up to a new day with a delicious brunch. Then we
continue fishing in new pools and places
during the day. We serve a light lunch and
coffee on a regular basis while you enjoy
both fisheries, community and nature. In the
evening there will be time for dinner and
continued fishing through the evening for
those who want.


Day 3
Brunch is served at the agreed time and then
continue fishing on selected spots depending
of the weather. Now the mountain serenity
really begins to sink in to our guests and the stress of catching a fish, get out into the water
etc. is blown away. Now it is 100% pleasure for our guests.
Dinner is available at agreement.
Day 4
Breakfast is served at 07:30
We pack together and everyone sees that we leave nature and the area in the same
condition it was in when we arrived. We hike together back to civilization and towards the
car ride that takes you back to the starting point of the adventure in central Älvdalen that
we calculate reach around noon.


Catch and release and accountability equals sustainable fishing!
We make sure that our actions do not affect the unique fish stock or affect the environment
we are in. For this reason, we conduct a C/R fishing with a focus on gentle release of caught
fish and respect for the raw materials we handle.
Included in priced package:
- Transport and full service of you fishing guide under the program.
- All lunches and dinners with organic local produce under the program, drinks for lunches
and dinners.
- Some amount of consumables like flies, leaders etc.
- Accommodation in a cottage during their stay including bed linen and towel.
- Fishing rights during the stay.
Not included in the package:
- Accommodation night before departure from Älvdalen.
- Fishing equipment.
- Alcoholic beverages and refreshments outside the program.
- During hiking the participant’s own packing shall be borne by the same.
Can be booked in additional:
-Fishing equipment such as rods, waders, sea
- Accommodation in a connection before and after the program’s content.
- Flies and supplies can be purchased in place of the guides.
Price: 11 700 SEK / person
The price is based on 4 participants. You can book this adventure as a single participant or group of 4.

If booking as single participant you will join a group of other single booked participants.

Welcome to a uniqe fly fishing adventure in the Swedish wilderness!

For booking or questions, contact us at micke@angler, or phone at +4670 798 05 88

Download pdf of this package here